Change regarding subscription payments


Dear customers!

GSN informs you that from 29.09.2023 the distribution of the subscription service fee will be chargeable. Distribution means paying the subscription in 2 stages (6-6 months). In case of choosing this method of payment, 10 GEL will be added to the contribution of the first 6 months.

For example: if you paid 120 GEL in case of annual payment, in case of distribution the initial contribution will be 70₾ (60₾ subscription + 10₾ distribution fee). The second payment will be only 60 ₾.

We hereby inform you that after the end of the subscription contract year, you have the right to refuse the split payment and pay the 1-year fee in one sum. In such case, you will no longer be charged the distribution amount.

Important note: If you wish to use annual payment (without distribution) from the beginning of the new contract year, you must credit the value of one year to the DY balance and the program will automatically switch you to the single payment type, where you pay in one piece.

It is necessary that the payment for one year to be made at the beginning of the new contract year and not during the second payment of the contract year.

Additionally we inform you that from 29.09.2023 all subscribers will be charged a service fee of 5₾ every year (one time yearly payment). You pay together with the cost of the subscription service. If you pay with distribution, you will pay the service fee with the first payment.

The service fee has been added in order to improve the support for our customers on the following fields:

  • Monitoring and Data transfer verification between the cash register and the revenue service in order to avoid errors and ensure the continuity of data exchange. Thanks to this, we will insure the risk of interruption of business processes, which would be caused by the shutdown of the cash register.
  • SMS messages reminding you of subscription payments. With the help of SMS reminders, you will be able to avoid late payments of the subscription fee, by this way you will be sure that the business process of your company will not be interrupted, additionally you will avoid paying an activation fee in case your cash register has been turned off because of late payment of the subscription fee.
  • In the case of service, you will no longer waste time waiting at our branch, because when the service is completed, you will receive an SMS message and you will come to take the cash register at the appropriate time.
  • You will also be able to get phone and online support even on Satudays and Sundays and official holidays. Our support team can help you remotely resolve various types of software issues, resets, identify and resolve error codes, verify subscription payments, and more.


Please note: in case of non-payment of service and distribution fees, the program does not activate the cash register.


Our company always tries to improve our services and bring better business solutions for our customers. Thank you for  being our customers.

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