Open vacancy position - Corporate Sales Manager

12 . 06 . 2019

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Who are we?

GSN is a leading Georgian company specialized fiscal devices, Business equipment and software. We are one of the fastest growing technolohy company in Georgia with more than 8 years of experience on the market. We have established office network with 18 branches all around Georgia with 160 thousands custromers.

Why to join our team?

Our team is growing and we are looking for a highly-motivated professional who is willing to learn and grow with us. We believe that people make the difference and we value diversity in terms of expertise and ideas. As one of the leathers in Georgian market, we have solid traditions and strategic vision for the future. GSN might be your best choice if you are looking for a dynamic, transparent and professional working environment.

Corporate sales manager

Job Summary:

The Corporate Sales Manager will be responsible for overseeing the sales of all products and services in the company.
Major Job Responsibilities:

  •  Develop, plan and organize corporate sales strategies;
  •  Find potential customers, prepare proposals and conduct negotiations;
  •  Promote sales growth;
  •  Creation and regular updating of potential customers database;
  •  Determining, processing and executing customers` needs;
  •  Performing a set plan and tasks;
  •  Study the product thoroughly;
  •  Reporting to the direct supervisor;
  •  Ensure fulfillment of sales plan
  •  Presentation, conviction and communication skills;
  •  Verbal and written communication skills;
  •  Ability to work and organize work;
  •  High sense of responsibility;
  •  Ability to work in teamwork.
  •  Payment: Competitive Fixed Salary + Beneficial Bonus System
  •  Education: Higher - Bachelor`s, Master`s Degrees
  •  Minimum 2 years of experience working on the same position;
  •  Good knowledge of English Language - Fluent Speaker
  •  Knowledge of Russian language will be a bonus

Benefits Include:

• Competitive salary
• Key position in a highly motivated team of professionals
• Pleasant and motivating working environment
• Learning and development opportunities
• Social benefits
Only English CV will be reviewed.
If an interested, please apply in -
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