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Why GSN Comfort?

According to the Georgian legislation, every company owning a cash register is required to have a service contract with an authorized distributor of cash registers.

As GSN is authorized dealer of cash registers in Georgia, it offers Comfort service subscription to its customers include the following:

The advantages of the GSN Comfort subscription are:

  • Registration of cash registers in the Revenue Service;
  • GPRS service;
  • Customer service in 16 offices across the country;
  • A team of highly qualified technicians who take care of the smooth operation of cash registers;
  • Lifetime warranty in case of fabric defect;
  • Free repairing of spare part in case of fabric defect.

Payment and terms:

  • The contract period is one year and is extended automatically annually for the convenience of customers;
  • 1-year payment is 120₾. The subscription fee must be paid in advance annually.
  • The 6-month payment is 60₾. The subscription fee must be paid in advance every six months.
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GSN Express

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